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Round Hill Nature Reserve

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 Round Hill Nature Reserve is situated approximately 50 kms from Lake Cargelligo, or 575 kms from Sydney. The reserve is a hotspot for dry land and mallee birds. When combined with Yathong and Nombinnie Nature Reserves, Round Hill NR forms part of one of the largest contiguous blocks of mallee in western NSW.

The reserve includes habitats of malleefowl, shy heathwren, southern scrub robin, pink cockatoo, red lored whistler and chestnut quail thrush. (DECCW 2009).

The area around the tank and dams has some cleared areas suitable for camping, however there are no facilities in the reserve so you will need to provide all your requirements in this remote location. The track to the Whoey Tank camping area is easiest to find from its entry off the Mt Hope Road (about 3kms south of the intersection). It is usually not sign posted and may have loose earth from the grader across  the entry, disguising its location.

The areas around the tanks and the old wheat field are probably the most productive in terms of photography due to their more open nature. Mind you the wheat field is all but regenerated mallee that is still relatively young and open. This wheat field area can still be made out clearly from aerial photographs (google earth) and is easily acessible from the track that takes off to the west from the main road through the reserve. Like all these normally dry locations if you can find a water hole, or flowering plant then there's a good chance that you will also find the birds. During my last visit we were able to find a small waterhole about halfway along the Whoey Track.

 Gilbert's Whistler  Red-lored Whistler  Rufous Whistler
 Crested Bellbird  Black-eared Cuckoo  Chestnut-breasted Quail-thrush
 Red-capped Robin  Hooded Robin  Southern-scrub Robin
 Yellow-plumed Honeyeater  Striped Honeyeater  Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater
 Brown-headed Honeyeater  White-eared Honeyeater  Singing Honeyeater
 Mallee Ringneck  Mulga Parrot  Blue Bonnet
 Mallee Fowl  Shy Heathwren  Inland Thornbill
 Chestnut-rumped Thornbill  Weebill  Western Gerygone
 Common Bronzewing  Bar-shouldered Dove  Splendid Fairy-wren

 Below is a more detailed map of the wheat field and Whoey Tank track.